Health and Care


Do not bathe the rabbit. They are very clean creatures and bathing them can ham them as they will panic in water may fracture a limb or back. Wet fur can also lead to hypothermia and respiratory Dz. Hot water or hair dryer can scald their skin. If something is very soiled, you can spot clean them with a rag and warm water and maybe dry the fur with blow drier on cold setting but be careful as the noise will spook them.

Learn to handle your rabbit although they do love to be pet, they do not like to be picked up as much. When picking them up support their back legs with arm and hold close to your body. They have powerful back legs but weak spines. 

Keep a tidy hutch and remove poop when needed.

Rabbits do eat a portion of their feces called a caecotroph. This is vital for their intestinal health ad digestion as it contains their probiotic bacteria. You will probably never witness this but if they have a dirty mushy bottom this may indicate a sign of serious disease and veterinary care should be seeked out.

Their nails need to be trimmed often so have your veterinary teach you and if you do not dare then take them to vet for them to do it safely.

They need to be brushed weekly. This will help with their own maintenance and periodic shedding. 

If kept outside, they need parasite and flea prevention so make sure you take them regularly to a veterinarian for check ups and this prevention.  

When in doubt, always consult with your rabbits veterinarian so make sure you locate one that has experience with rabbits.